The Georgetown Environmental Law Review
Volume 30, Issue 1
Fall 2017
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Title Page
From Smokes to Smokestacks: Lessons from Tobacco for the Future of Climate Change Liability
Martin Olszynski, Sharon Mascher, and Meinhard Doelle
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The Warming War: How Climate Change is Creating Threats to International Peace and Security
Dr. Kirsten Davies and Thomas Riddell
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Attempting to Define the Human Right to Water with an Annotated Bibliography & Recommendations for Practitioners
Jootaek Lee and Maraya Best
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PACE-Ing Flood Resilience
Ryan A. Reed
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A Fracking Nuisance: How States Can Compel Their Neighbors to Regulate Hydraulic Fracturing with Judicial Equitable Relief
Rebecca Faye Eschen
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Nonbinding Subnational International Agreements: A Landscape Defined
Aaron Messing
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