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If you need technical assistance, step-by-step instructions for creating your account or uploading a document contact us via e-mail at:

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What is the Hardcopy button? How does the Hardcopy button work?

Cadmus ArticleWorks' Hardcopy button lets your customers order documents from your website and receive them printed, bound and delivered the next day. With the click of the Hardcopy button, your customers are linked to our secure e-commerce server where they can see the item(s) they ordered displayed in a shopping cart. To complete a purchase, they enter their shipping and credit card information. When they have finished, they are transferred back to your site.

How do I get a Hardcopy button? How quickly can I start distributing documents?

To obtain a Hardcopy button for your documents, you register your company and fill-out a simple form describing your documents. Once you decide what you want to charge, what fulfillment options you want to offer, the document files are uploaded. As soon as the process is completed a Hardcopy link is sent to you via e-mail. When you receive the HTML link, place it on your website next to the document and you are ready for business. That means, you can start selling or distributing your documents the same day. To register with Cadmus ArticleWorks, click on the Sign-up area accessible from all pages. If you wish to see the process, we offer a <demo> detailing each step.

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What is the Download button? How does the Download button work?

The Download button works exactly the same as the Hardcopy button, except that after your customers enter their shipping and credit card information, they can download the documents immediately. You get the Download button by e-mail in exactly the same way you get the Hardcopy button.

Do I need any special software?

No. All you or your customers need is a standard browser such as Microsoft IE or Netscape. We provide everything else.

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What does Cadmus ArticleWorks deliver in terms of output?

Cadmus ArticleWorks will deliver a double sided, printed document that is "Perfect bound". The document has 80 lbs coverstock front and back. If you require different output options, please contact our support staff at

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Which document file formats are supported?

At present, we support the following file formats: Adobe Acrobat pdf Microsoft Word Lotus WordPro Corel WordPerfect Rich Text Format Plain Text

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How quickly are orders fulfilled? Orders received by 5:00 PM EST are usually filled and shipped the next day. Exact delivery times are subject to your location and the time of day the order is received.

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What about overseas delivery? For overseas orders, the document files are transmitted to one of the overseas print facilities before they are printed and delivered locally. Overseas delivery also expedite the delivery of a document to the client as well as reduce cost to the customer.

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Can I allow electronic downloads of content without risking piracy?

Yes. Our proprietary software allows electronic files to be downloaded without concern that they will be illegally copied. If your files are sent to another person, they cannot be opened unless the recipient registers and pays for them.

What are the cost associated with printing and delivery? The cost of printing and delivery depends on the number of pages and the delivery location (country). Typically, it costs less for us to print and deliver than it costs you to deliver alone. To get a detailed quote for your specific application, contact us at

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How quickly will I receive my money from sales?

You will be paid within 30 days of the end of the month we receive payment from the customer.

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I want to update my account information? Only the account administrator, or the person that originally set up the account, has access to to this area. For your security, you must have the administrator make all changes to the account information.

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I have uploaded a document, but it could not be accessed by my customer?

Any document that is uploaded is available for sale within minutes. If there is a problem, confirm that your webmaster has pasted the Hardcopy button into your website correctly. If you find there is still a problem, contact us at

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I want to modify a document, but can't seem to find to it?

To modify any document you have uploaded, click on "" from the navigation bar on your left. A list of all your content will be displayed. Click on the specific document you wish to modify, make the modifications and click the Save button to update the database.

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How do I replace an existing document file with a new file? If you wish to keep all the information pertaining to a document in tact, but want to replace the file, click on "" from the navigation bar on your left. A list of all your content will be displayed. Click on the specific document you wish to replace. Then go to the "Attachment File:" box and enter the new document file (file path) and click the Save button. This will replace your old document with the new version.

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I want to track the delivery status of a document. How do I do this?

After you log in, click on the Delivery Tracking option on the bar at the left of the screen. Then click on the order number you are interested in and the Airborne tracking number will be displayed. If you need more specific information on the shipment, you can go to, enter the tracking number and you will see the exact status.

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